Local actions for improved socio-economic position of the youth in the Republic of Macedonia

Foundation for Management and Industrial Research through the granting scheme of the project ‘Together for Success: young entrepreneurs, driving force for good inter-ethnic relations’ is supporting three local projects implemented in Skopje, Stip and Kicevo. More information on these local actions can be found here.

The project ‘Together for Success’ is financed by the European Union through the IPA – Civil Society and Media 2014 Programme.

Solving local challenges with the creation of successful multi-ethnic social businesses

On the 25th of April 2017 (Tuesday), the pre-final workshop titled ‘Draw Your Idea and Business Plan’ within the programme series ‘Solve It! – School of Social Entrepreneurship’, took place at the premises of the University of Mother Theresa in Skopje and was organised by Mladiinfo International. The school has enabled participants to get introduced to the concept of social businesses, to develop their ideas for the formation of social enterprises and to exploit their potential in finding solutions to various problems they have identified in their local communities.

This event was part of the project with the same name ‘Solve It! – School of Social Entrepreneurship’, which is being sub granted within the open call for financing civil society organisations’ projects that promote and enforce multi-ethnic collaboration and youth entrepreneurship. The call was published via the framework of the project ‘Together for Success: young entrepreneurs, driving force for good inter-ethnic relations” financed by the European Union through the IPA – Civil Society and Media 2014 Programme,

The working group consisted of 20 students and young people, most of who reside in two major municipalities of the City of Skopje, the Municipality of Gazi Baba and Municipality of Cair, and also involved representatives of the ethnic minorities who live in these municipalities. They worked on the final preparations of their social business ideas using the business canvas model, and also their presentations. Representatives of the Foundation of Management and Industrial Research also took part at the workshop which was sixth in order of the social entrepreneurship school project programme. The representatives of the foundation monitor the work of Mladiinfo International within their sub granted project. The foundation is part of the project consortia which implements the project ‘Together for Success’.

The social enterprise ideas that have been developed, will be presented during the seventh and final workshop, which will take place on the 3rd of May 2017 (Wednesday), from 16:30 until 20:00 h, at the University of Mother Theresa. In addition, the participants will have the opportunity to establish contacts with relevant experts and stakeholders, during the event. All the presented ideas will also have the opportunity to enter the competition Social Impact Award 2017.

We invite you to find out more about the other local actions in the field, financed by the European Union, via the grant scheme of the project ‘Together for Success: young entrepreneurs, driving force for good inter-ethnic relations”, at the following link:



Enterprise Europe Network – 7th meeting of the Sector Group „Women Entrepreneurship“, Bratislava – Slovakia (16.11.2016)

Foundation for Management and Industrial Research participated in the 7th meeting of the Sector Group „Women Entrepreneurship” (WEG) held during the Enterprise Europe Network 2016 Annual conference in Bratislava, Slovakia and hosted by the Slovak Business Agency. WEG members together with the representatives from the DG Grow and European platforms for promotion of female entrepreneurship (WINGS, WEgate, WE CONNECT) discussed the new EC initiatives for supporting women in business.

Mr. Patrick de Smedt, deputy head of unit within DG Grow presented the new call for pilot projects entitled as “Enhancing the women’s participation in Horizon 2020 SME Instrument” expected to be published by the end of 2016. The call amounts 500.000 euro and aims to support two projects coming from consortia consisted of partners from at least 4 EU member states that represents a great opportunity for WEG.

During the meeting, aforementioned e-platforms for supporting business women were presented as well – WЕgate by Ms. Sandra Steinhauer, policy officer from DG Grow and WINGS by Ms. Sandra Meier from the University of Applied Sciences from Graz, Austria. Connecting WEG organizations with these platforms as well as their further promotion among female clients was emphasized as very important and beneficial. This was also highlighted by Ms. Miriama Letovanec Svetkovska, chair of the Slovak platform for women entrepreneurship who provided an overview of the platform’s position within the national ecosystem, its activities and initiatives, as well as the so-called “White paper” containing good practices from around the world.

WEG members further discussed the group’s progress since the last meeting in April 2016, agreed upon the new concept of activities and on the activities to be finilised in the upcoming period, including actions for increased visibility, networking events for women entrepreneurs, collection of good practices and similar. The meeting was rounded up with the presentation of the new members from UK, Sweden and Turkey and followed by an informal networking during the reception organised and hosted by the Slovak Business Agency.

Go International – Open innovation in ICT Brokerage Event

Enterprise Europe Networking in Macedonia announces the “Go International – Open innovation in ICT” conference on 17 and 18 November in Skopje that will bring together interested companies, research organizations, education institutions and innovators of ICT-enabled products and services interested in presenting their innovative ideas and keen to initiative new partnerships.

The two-day conference aims to provide better understanding of the key organizational dimensions and the best open innovation practices used to characterize the collaborative innovation mode in order to find way to capture the value of investment in knowledge creation. Registered participants at the conference will be able to pitch their innovative products in 3 minutes in front of their technology peers for the purpose of assessing the impact of open innovation strategies on their innovation procedure. Pre-scheduled b2b meetings will allow the participants to speed the process of establishing international partnerships in the scope developing ICT-enabled projects based on open innovation approach.

More information available at: http://goict2016.talkb2b.net/

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Enriching international experience through Foundation MIR and YES Network

One of the key aims of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network (www.yes-network.org) is the dissemination of useful information about possibilities for strengthening the capacities of its members. YES Network is mainly consisted of civil society organisations that work in the field of youth entrepreneurship, on the territory of Republic of Macedonia. However, its membership permanently extends with various other stakeholders, such as entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, educational institutions, local authorities, other NGOs, students, as well as many young entrepreneurially-minded people.

Alongside the implementation of the regular activities and networking on local and national level, a large number of the network members are directing their focus towards the transfer of knowledge and experience, as well as networking within the European Union. The Foundation for Management and Industrial Research (Foundation MIR) which is a partner of the YES Network project and much experienced in the field of implementing international EU projects, has enhanced the network’s platform by launching the first success story of knowledge transfer and capacity building for one of the network members, in cooperation with EU partners.

Namely, a representative of the Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation (YES Foundation) has taken participation at „ЕCO-OIKOS: Sustainable Options”, a 10-day training course where around 30 youth workers from 9 countries explored the ideas of sustainable development through research and exchange of concepts. This Erasmus+ training, financed by the European Commission, took place during the month of July 2015, in Molfetta, Bitonto and Bari, in the Puglia region of Southern Italy. The participants representing civil society organisations that deal with sustainable development concepts from various perspectives, had an opportunity to present their identified good practices and discuss possibilities for future international cooperation. We share some of their statements regarding the experience:

„The ECO-OIKOS initiative was an exceptional experience for me due to the opportunity to observe and practically experience sustainable development good practices in several Italian cities, and get connected with other creative young people from different EU countries. In my opinion, the most impressive part of the experience was the visit to the organic waste treatment and composting plant – Tersan, the presentation held by the Slow Food movement and sustainable transportation solutions in the region. In addition, I found the practical workshops for innovative recycling solutions of paper, plastic and other types of material, very useful. As a representative of the Youth Entrepreneurship Service Foundation, the project coordinator of YES Network, I had the opportunity to present our networking platform, the projects implemented by the collaborating CSOs and related to sustainable development, as well as the social entrepreneurship projects in the focus of our foundation. Eventually, we have initiated multiple discussions for future collaboration among the participants.”

Olivera Aritonoska, YES Foundation, 29 years old, Macedonia

 „I learned about YES Network by the presentation held by Olivera. I work in the field of raising sustainable development awareness through civic engagement. I believe that the attention of young people should be directed towards the important problems we are facing today in order to inspire them to become active protagonists in the improvement of our attitude towards our environment, our work and our fellow citizens, for a better future for all of us. We would like to establish cooperation with organizations from Macedonia for a future project on sustainable development though innovation and entrepreneurship, which we plan to submit to the next open Erasmus+ call in 2016. The contacts available through YES Network will be very useful for establishing communication with various relevant partners.”

Valerio d’Amici, Brindisi, 28 years old, Italy

„I work on multiple projects for rural entrepreneurship development in several regions in Spain. The Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network and the Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation represent an ideal partner for developing innovative projects that contribute to sustainable development via entrepreneurship. I got to know better quite a few practices and projects implemented in different regions in Macedonia. We already had several creative discussions for future cooperation, which I believe we will put into practice as soon as possible. ECO-OIKOS represented an excellent opportunity to meet up and design international concepts for sustainable development that we can implement through our organizations’ platforms.”

Juam Pablo Perez Gomez, Sende – rural entrepreneurship, 36 years old, Spain

 The Youth Entrepreneurship Support Network and its partners’ consortium will keep up the internationalization of its activities in order to offer new opportunities for cooperation and networking to its members and also to strengthen its platform of promoting youth entrepreneurship development and other related areas, such as sustainable development.