Techno MATCH 2011 – International business meetings

The Foundation for Management and Industrial Research in cooperation with the Agency for Promotion of Entrepreneurship of Republic of Macedonia in the scope of EIICM project is organising an international brokerage event, Techno MATCH 2011 for clients interested in technological and business cooperation.


Target group
Companies, innovators, universities and other organizations from the industry sector looking for commercial and technological partners from abroad.

Thematic main areas:
– Industrial manufacture
– Construction and materials technologies
– Production and trade of electrical materials and electronics
– Production and trade of building materials and non-metals
– Energy
– Industrial IT applications

Why to participate
– Develop new international business relations
– Participate in pre-scheduled meetings with potential partners
– Reach different business and technology agreements (joint venture, licensing, distribution, technical cooperation, manufacturing and subcontracting)
– Find new partners, markets and products

The event is free of charge. All information on the event are available at the Techno MATCH 2011 web site:

The web site also serves as an online platform for registration to the event, creation of cooperation profiles and booking meetings. The registration is now opened and all interested participants can register and submit their profiles until 10.10.2011. 

Training: Environmental Aspects in Your Enterprise – Benefits and Opportunities

Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, within the GREEN project, in cooperation with partners from the Center for promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and rural development CeProSARD and Associations of food processing and building material industry within the Economic Chambre  held a one-day training session in Skopje on 6th of April 2011 at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, on the topic: 



Representatives from food industry and the industry of building materials, as well from other industruies and environmental service providers (ESP) were participating at the training.

Following topics were covered: Introduction to environmental legislation, measurement needs of emissions, correlation with other national legislation, IPARD funding opportunities, characteristic emissions to environmental media from sectors and their impacts,  good practices and measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment, procedures in case of emergency or accident, waste management with practical workshop and ways for improving environmental performance trough common sustainable practices, implementation of environmental management systems & increased social responsibility. The participants gave very positive feedback and expressed their interest in further trainings on environmental aspects in their bussiness. The training was an excellent opportunity for the companies to share good practices and exchange contacts.

Multilateral business meetings – Tehnoma Partnering 2010

On 19.10.2010 companies from Slovenia, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia had business meetings in the scope of  Tehnoma Partnering 2010, brokerage event organised by EIICM partners – Foundation for Management and Industrial Research and the Agency for Promotion of Entrepreneurship of Republic of Macedonia.
The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, University of Nis – Serbia and the Federation of industries of Northern Greece were the main co-organisers. All institutions are part of the largest European network for support of the business and innovation – Enterprise Europe Network.


The aim of the event is reinforcement of the cooperation and traditionally good economic relations between the countries in the region demonstrating the strengths of involved economies to face the crisis and other market barriers. Thus emphasizing the benefits from business partnerships for future sustainable growth of the Balkan region.

The business forum with more than 50 companies participants is organised in the scope of Enterprise Europe Network present in more than 50 countries in Europe and joining together all relevant support institutions for SMEs. The Network aims to facilitate the access to business, technology and research services and to contribute to the overall economic development of involved countries.

TEHNOMA Partnering 2010

Foundation for Management and Industrial Research one of the partners of the European Information and Innovation Centre in Macedonia is co-organising an international brokerage event TEHNOMA Partnering 2010.

The event is organized for clients interested in technological and business cooperation and will take place on 19.10.2010.

Pre-arranged B2B meetings upon individual interest of the companies are proven to be excellent business opportunities that add value to all Fairs exhibitions visits. TEHNOMA Partnering 2010 offers its participants ground for developing and strengthening business relations, exchange of technologies with international business partners in the following areas of Industrial manufacture:

  • Metallurgy
  • Construction (production and trade of building materials and non-metals)
  • Production and trade of electrical materials and electronics
  • Energy

The event is a part of TEHNOMA 2010.

All information on how to participate can be found at

Contact person:
Mile Sosevski, (+389 2 3077 008)