International conference: green marketing and territorial marketing

The conference,  which will be in held in Bologna on December the13th, is organized by the Province of Bologna and it is the conclusive event of the European project Ecomark.

The aim of the day will be an in-depth analysis of the relation between management activities addressed to the enhancement of sustainability as territorial marketing levers. The conference is aimed at the diffusion of the project results and at delinving into the activities accomplished about green marketing and marketing of industrial areas.

Ecomark – Video Spain – AER from Agència Energètica Ribera on Vimeo.

The initiative foresees the participation of international experts: Fabio Ancarani is the Italian editor of the marketing volume written by P.Kotler “Marketing management” that is considered the most worl-wide authoritative and diffused marketing book. Matteo Caroli is the most important Italian expert in the field of territorial marketing and he has designed the green marketing strategic plan arranged within the project Ecomark. Stefano Petti is expert of industrial networks and symbiotic processes at the company International Synergies settled in Birmingham. The other speakers are authoritative representatives of the business world, of institutions and of the research field.

The participation of both Italian and foreign speakers will let the participants look from a international point of view to the theme of territorial promotion in terms of sustainability. This is a core-issue each country is called to take into account, not only in terms of national policies but also, and mostly, in terms of international cooperation.In fact the green connotation of the territorial assets is a central element for the promotion of territory and for the improvement of its attractiveness.