We strive to make a real difference to the country’s economic performance by supporting existing businesses and encouraging the growth of new businesses. With our support services, entrepreneurship and vocational training programmes, we aim to:

    –          Contribute to the development of the Macedonian SME sector

    –          Support the development of an entrepreneurial society

    –          Foster lifelong learning, education and training as basis for employment and economic progress

    We initiate projects and provide advisory services for improving industrial performance and competitiveness of the Macedonian SME sector, the largest provider of employment and the backbone of the national economy. The development of the SME sector depends largely on the individuals who have ideas and are ready to take risk. We aim to support the development of the entrepreneurial society through fostering the creation of entrepreneurial culture and mindset among different societal groups. By blending business training and practical courses we promote informal learning as one of the drivers of the economic growth.


    Foundation for Management and Industrial Research offers advice and support to companies for increased productivity and competitiveness. For existing and aspiring exporters, we provide information and assistance for growth through winning international sales.  Read more >>


    Our entrepreneurship programme aims to support the creation and growth of start-up companies, encourage women and youth entrepreneurship, and increase the entrepreneurial activity in the country. The programme provides a package of supports  …  Read more >>


    Foundation for Management and Industrial Research offers customized training courses for business and management development in order to equip companies and entrepreneurs with the tools and techniques to operate … Read more >>

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    European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs in Macedonia (new-Mentor)

    The European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs is one of the actions proposed in the 2011 Review of the Small Business Act for Europe. It covers 17 countries (Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom).

    new_mentor-LOGO_greyThe new-MENTOR project supports the operation of the national network of mentors for women entrepreneurs in Macedonia aimed towards supporting the female entrepreneurship development and ensuring that newly-established women entrepreneurs can sustain their activity throughout the first years of their businesses. Thus, the project strategic objective is to support the development of female entrepreneurship in the country taking into account the distinctive nature of women-led businesses. The Foundation for Management and Industrial Research is the national coordinator of the project and network for women entrepreneurs in Macedonia.

    Entrepreneurship fits well with women’s life choices in particular giving them flexibility regarding the reconciliation of private and professional life, specifically concerning the time and place of work. Further, due to the economic crisis, many women that became unemployed could use their skills and knowledge, start-up their own company and create their own job.

    Project is supported by CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, European Union.  Read more >>>


    Small and Medium Enterprises – Competitiveness in Networks (SME-COMNET)

    SME-COMNET project aims to establish technology based cooperation between Macedonian and European SMEs and increase SME competitiveness on domestic and international market through strengthening inter-company linkages and intra-company improvements by addressing:

    • Value chain: strategic issues, design – the structure of SME’s value chain, operation – running business, value chain performance measurement
    • Manufacturing logistics – production systems, layout, warehousing, quality, etc.
    • Transportation issues – internal and external

    SME-COMNET project consists of four main components:

    • Value chain perspective (collaboration amongst companies operating in one supply chain)
    • Company level improvement projects (integrated part with value chain perspective)
    • Introduction of information management systems (ERP, DRP, MRP)
    • SMEs learning in clusters

    SINTEF_logo_SME-COMNET_smallIn addition, SME-COMNET project is supporting the creation of a logistics based course at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje. The project is recognized as contributing for the SME sector in Macedonia by the relevant governmental bodies as it fills up the gap in expert support in the field of logistics, essential for strengthening the competitiveness of Macedonian SMEs.

    Project is supported by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more >>>

    Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES)

    The general objectives of the project is to boost the development of the SME sector and bridge the gap between existing offers from educational institutions and the needs of the business community.

    YES project supports new firm creation (all the way from birth of a business idea to full business operation) among well–educated youth in Skopje, Macedonia trough its activities: entrepreneurial training, annual business plan competition, and establishing business incubator for ICT entrepreneurs.

    YES_LOGO_smallFoundation for Management and Industrial Research has been involved in the pilot phase of the YES project conducted with the purpose of identifying the facts about the existing initiatives for support of the entrepreneurship in Macedonia as well as coordination of the YES project with the other institutions acting and working in the same area. The project team consisting of experts from SINTEF, Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOSM) and Foundation for Management and Industrial Research visited relevant governmental institutions for the purpose of obtaining governmental support and providing possible location for the placement of the Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES) Incubator. 

    For the purpose of the further implementation of the YES project as well as for managing the YES Incubator, Foundation for Management and Industrial Research together with FOSM has established the YES Foundation.

    Project is supported by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FOSM. Read more >>>