Sustainable economic growth is strongly connected to investment in technology, research and innovation. To achieve this we have developed research & innovation concepts that aim to:

–          Encourage and promote innovation and technology transfer

–          Support research and technological development

–          Improve innovation system and programmes, nationally and regionally

We work with companies from the generation of an innovative idea to its transformation into a technology based business. Our technology transfer and innovation support services generate added value for companies and increase their competitiveness. We support local innovation projects and development of new technologies for better technology and society. Our research activities generate solutions for the benefit of SMEs and other target groups.


Foundation for Management and Industrial Research provides information and assistance that enable companies to license or source innovative technologies, identify their technological needs and strengths, improve innovation and IP management skills. Read more>>


Since 2002 we have been improving the profitability of businesses. We partner with companies and communities to help them prosper and grow. With our research-based methods, we help companies and local stakeholders achieve their development goals.  Read more>>

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European Information and Innovation Centre in Macedonia (EIICM)

EIICM project enables the operation of the Enterprise Europe Network centre in Macedonia. The EIICM strives to increase the innovativeness and competitiveness of its clients as well as to promote and support innovation related activities in the country.

It offers different types of services to SMEs and researchers including: matchmaking, trans-national technology transfer, IPR services, support to innovation, support to participation in EU RTD programmes, internationalisation advisory services etc.

Logo-NET-ENFoundation for Management and Industrial Research is responsible for providing technology and innovation related services to SMEs and researchers as well as to actively participate in different innovation related initiatives in the country and on EU level. Using Europe’s largest database of cutting-edge technologies, containing more than 23,000 profiles, the Foundation facilitates technology transfer between Macedonian clients and companies from abroad.

The Enterprise Europe Network brings together around 600 business support organisations from more than 50 countries. They are connected through powerful databases and know Europe inside out. The Network represents an important instrument in EU innovation related policy while its centres are very central to the national innovation systems. The Network’s Sector Groups organise brokerage events to help reaching technology transfer or cooperation agreements between companies from specific sector. Foundation for Management and Industrial Research participates in the Sector Groups Intelligent Energy and Woman Entrepreneurship.

Project is supported by CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, European Union and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Read  more >>>


Promotion and coordination of environment research in Central and Eastern Europe for a Sustainable Development (PROCEED)

PROCEED project focuses on the communication and dissemination of environmental research results and practices originating in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) towards industry, policy makers and public and private research centers (including Academia), with aim to enhance the uptake of research results and foster the participation of CEEC in EU – funded research projects through S&T cooperation with other European partners.

The specific research sectors on which PROCEED will focus are Air Pollution, Chemical pollution, Environmental Technologies. The partners will create a data base of all innovative environmental research practices and results originating in CEEC and will lead SWOT analysis of the existing channels and tools used to communicate environmental research results in Europe with specific focus to Academia, policy makers and industry.

Proceed_LOGO_smallThe project partnership covers 9 CEEC (6 new Member States and 3 Associated countries) and 3 EU-15 Member states. All 12 project countries are represented by at least one partner member of the Enterprise Europe Network, which will be the main communication channel in the project, with its 600 members present in all European countries and beyond (China and USA) and an extended network of contacts and partners. Partners will engage other EEN members, the FP7 National Contact Points Network and other relevant FP7 coordination and support actions to create an integrated communication system.

Project is supported by the FP7 Programme of the European Union. Read more >>>


Small and Medium Enterprises – Applied Research & Technology (SME-ART)

The SME-ART project is based on a holistic approach in addressing the needs of the SME sector in Macedonia, where SINTEF, Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, and academia in collaboration with relevant governmental bodies and selected SMEs together strive to better support the restructuring the domestic SME sector.

The main features of the project are sustainable economic development, holistic approach to SME support, capacity building at universities and among SMEs, self financed SME facility centre, regional integration and international cooperation, SME roadmap development, develop applied R&D capability, learning by doing and “train the trainer”.

sme-art_LOGO_smallMore than twenty (20) companies (SMEs) have been involved in long term cooperation with the project and 44 improvement projects based on applied research & technology have been executed. Company development has covered a broad scope including improvements in production systems, new product development, market and marketing analysis, innovation management, e-business, trainings in different fields aimed toward strengthening the SMEs’ capabilities, etc. Further there has been developed a holistic master course for entrepreneurs.

Matchmaking programme has also been a part of SME-ART project with the purpose of employing unutilized capacities in the Macedonian companies by establishing economic collaboration between SMEs in Norway and Macedonia.

Project is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more >>>