Environmental protection is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today.  Promoting sustainable environmental development and intelligent energy use is one of our goals. We support green economy through eco-innovations and environmental services for generating business opportunities from environmental challenges. Energy efficiency and energy saving is vital for the protection of the environment and most powerful and cost-effective means for achieving a sustainable energy future. We encourage actions towards environment protection through energy efficient products and practices.


We are operating an eco-innovation centre that performs technology watch activities combined with hands-on assistance on environmental issues. The info and help desks together with specific training courses aims to provide information and advice on new technologies, sources of funding, legislation and competences & skills. Read more>>

Environmental & EE services

Our assistance enable companies to improve environmental and energy performance, reduce costs and access Green Markets. We enable companies to incorporate sustainable practices into the day-to-day running of the business. Better performances lead to improved resource efficiency and direct cost savings and can also increase access to customers who are increasingly demanding more environmentally friendly and energy efficient products and services. Read more >>

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Wizard of the environment: the Enterprise Europe Network (WE-EEN)

WE-EEN project aims to enhance the provision of environmental services to SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network. WE-EEN focuses on three key sectors: waste management, surface treatment and manufacturing of electronic and electric components. 

Effective environmental services and local cooperation agreements are visible actions for a double objective, reducing the impact on environment and increasing the profitability of SMEs.

we-een_LOGOThe large territory covered ensure that regions where technologies and expertise are more developed like Germany and Italy are associated with regions where free environmental services are not easily available, mainly the Balkan region including Slovenia and Romania. WE-EEN partnership combines different EEN members from Technological and Research Institutes to Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Economy in order to assist SMEs in the fulfilment of EU environmental legislation. Three expert sector leaders guarantee the coordination and effectiveness of the actions.

The project consortium  is lead by Unioncamere Veneto and consists of partners made up of partners from Italy, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia (Foundation for Management and Industrial Research), Germany and Croatia, all of them members of the Enterprise Europe Network.

Project is supported by CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, European Union. Read more >>>


Greening business through the Enterprise Europe Network (GREEN)
The GREEN project starts from the need to improve the environmental performances of SMEs in Europe. The project supports the Enterprise Europe Network in providing 1st level environmental services to SMEs from the food industry and the manufacturing of building materials sectors.

GREEN proposes a network of local systems to coordinate Environmental Service Providers (ESPs) in order to give SMEs access to free and low cost environmental services thanks also to the support of local administrations, SMEs associations and relevant value chain stakeholders. The effectiveness of the local actions will be ensured by the signing of local cooperation agreements.

Green_LOGO_smallThe partnership is made of experienced Chambers of Commerce and Industry (of local, regional and national levels) and technology and research centres that will ensure the involvement of SMEs and the necessary knowledge and competences in the sectors. Each partner will create a task force of ESPs that will support them in the technical decisions and in the methodological approach.
The GREEN partnership is open to the rest of the EEN members and projects and offers opportunities of common training and dissemination. A web based communication platform will make available all the documents and methodologies developed in order to maximize the impact at European level. A final international agreement involving other EEN members will ensure the sustainability of the action after the project lifetime.

Project is supported by CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, European Union. Read more >>>