Promotion and coordination of environment research in Central and Eastern Europe for a Sustainable Development (PROCEED)

PROCEED project focuses on the communication and dissemination of environmental research results and practices originating in Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) towards industry, policy makers and public and private research centers (including Academia), with aim to enhance the uptake of research results and foster the participation of CEEC in EU – funded research projects through S&T cooperation with other European partners.

The specific research sectors on which PROCEED will focus are Air Pollution, Chemical pollution, Environmental Technologies. The partners will create a data base of all innovative environmental research practices and results originating in CEEC and will lead SWOT analysis of the existing channels and tools used to communicate environmental research results in Europe with specific focus to Academia, policy makers and industry.

The project partnership covers 9 CEEC (6 new Member States and 3 Associated countries) and 3 EU-15 Member states. All 12 project countries are represented by at least one partner member of the Enterprise Europe Network, which will be the main communication channel in the project, with its 600 members present in all European countries and beyond (China and USA) and an extended network of contacts and partners. Partners will engage other EEN members, the FP7 National Contact Points Network and other relevant FP7 coordination and support actions to create an integrated communication system.proenvi_logo

Project is supported by the FP7 Programme of the European Union.