Participation in the expert group Intelligent Energy

Foundation for Management and Industrial Research as a representative of EIICM is participating in the Sector Group – Intelligent Energy of Enterprise Europe Network. In the scope of Enterprise Europe Network there is a Sector Group – Intelligent Energy (IE) which represents an expert platform in the field of renewable and conventional energy. For the clients, the members of the Sector Group IE are offering support, contacts and information on finding partner for business or technological cooperation throughout Europe. 

The Sector Group is providing the services typical for the Network, but with increased focus on establishing successful cooperation for transfer of innovative technologies and joint research projects in the field of energy.

The Sector Group IE is aiming to created added value for its clients through development of projects, organization of common events with the sector groups of the Network, as well as to build partnerships with existing EU initiatives in the field such as: European Technology Platforms (ETPs), Europe INNOVA initiative, European research clusters, EREC – European Renewable Energy Council, different European energy agencies and others. The final objective is supporting the growing market of renewable energies.

hand building up a grassy panorama against the blue sky

Focus topics of the Sector Group – Intelligent Energy are:
– Renewable energies:

  • Biomass, biogas and bio fuels;
  • Photovoltaic and solar thermal energy;
  • Hydro energy;
  • Wind;
  • Geothermal energy.

– Energy efficiency and energy efficient buildings
– Fuel cells and hydrogen technology
– Conventional energy sources
– Production, storing and distribution of energy

Member countries of the Sector Group – Intelligent Energy:

• Macedonia
• Switzerland
• Denmark
• Norway
• Turkey
• France
• Poland
• Great Britain
• Germany
• Portugal
• Austria
• Greece
• Slovenia
• Belgium
• Hungary
• Spain
• Bulgaria
• Island
• Sweden
• Czech
• Italy

As part of Enterprise Europe Network activities our project consultant Mile Sosevski  will participate in SGIE – Intelligent Energy Official Meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, in the framework of the Iceland Geothermal Conference / Company Mission and Brokerage Event.
For more information on current and upcoming activities of the Sector Group – Intelligent Energy contact EIICM representative in the Group: Mile Sosevski