Access to new markets: Textile company IST Komerc Sanda expanding to the British market

IST KOMERC – SANDA is one of the leading textile producers in the country. Established in 1991 as a producer of women tights and other textile products under private labeling, the company is known as one of the few in the branch that continuously follows the fashion trends in the field while addressing the needs and desires of its clients. The company became an Enterprise Europe Network client in 2018 as a result of the local cooperation between the Macedonian network branch and the Textile cluster, an important local stakeholder of the network. In particular, with the support of the network’s sector group on textile and fashion, the company got in touch with several potential business partners from abroad. One such company was The Milky Tee Company Ltd, a British company specialized in the production of comfortable, practical and stylish clothes for easier breastfeeding.

The two companies established successful cooperation on the creation and manufacturing on a new and unique design of a t-shirt with hidden zipper, made according to the highest quality standards and textile requirements. It is expected for the cooperation to continue in the future as well, and to involve design of new models of clothing to be placed on the British market, but also on the wider European market.

Enterprise Europe Network enabled us to get in touch with potential partners from all over Europe. I would like to highlight the benefits from using the network’s mobile app “Ino Biz where we can easily find all relevant events and partnering profiles from our branch. The network has largely facilitated our efforts for accessing new markets which is one of the main development goals of our company, stated Mrs. Marijana Perkovska, director of the IST Komerc – Sanda.

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