We provide innovation services and solutions for better technology and society. We contribute to the sustainable growth through research and technology transfer.

Sustainable economic growth is strongly connected to investment in technology, research and innovation. To achieve this we have developed research & innovation concepts that aim to:

–          Encourage and promote innovation and technology transfer

–          Support research and technological development

–          Improve innovation system and programmes, nationally and regionally

We work with companies from the generation of an innovative idea to its transformation into a technology based business. Our technology transfer and innovation support services generate added value for companies and increase their competitiveness. We support local innovation projects and development of new technologies for better technology and society. Our research activities generate solutions for the benefit of SMEs and other target groups.


Foundation for Management and Industrial Research provides information and assistance that enable companies to license or source innovative technologies, identify their technological needs and strengths, improve innovation and IP management skills.

  • Innovation-based business opportunities

We support companies in identifying their innovation capabilities and technological level by performing innovation and technology audits, and innovation readiness check. Our team is specialised in the link between the strategy and technology, supported by sound knowledge of technology and markets of the sectors we work with.

  • Enterprise Europe Network services

The Enterprise Europe Network is an information source on internationally available new technologies. It comprises over 600 partner organisations in over 50 countries in Europe and beyond. Foundation for Management and Industrial Research is responsible for technology transfer services in the Enterprise Europe Network Macedonia. If a company looks for assistance in:

–          identifying licensable technologies, or

–          is interested in how to license out own proprietary technology, or

–          just have a query on best practice in IP licensing

then our technology transfer team may be able to help. Our team has expert knowledge and significant experience in technology partnering, technology licensing and technology transfer.

  • IPR services

We believe that knowing how to manage intellectual property and intellectual property rights is the ticket to innovation and competitiveness. We advice companies on protecting their interests when licensing technologies and managing intellectual property.  We are part of the EU IPR Helpdesk Ambassadors team.


Since 2002 we have been improving the profitability of businesses. We partner with companies and communities to help them prosper and grow. With our research-based methods, we help companies and local stakeholders achieve their development goals. The income from our contract research projects is invested in new research, development of new tools and competences.

  • Industrial Research

We provide applied research, education and technical assistance to the Macedonian industry in the following areas: improve financial performance; upgrade engineering capabilities; achieve manufacturing excellence; and improve team performance.

  • Research studies

We are specialized in undertaking feasibility studies, needs assessment and peer evaluation. We assist different stakeholders in developing their transformation plans by comparative analyses, social studies or specific sector studies.


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