European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs in Macedonia (new-Mentor)

TThe European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs is one of the actions proposed in the 2011 Review of the Small Business Act for Europe.

It covers 17 countries (Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom).

The new-MENTOR project supports the operation of the national network of mentors for women entrepreneurs in Macedonia aimed towards supporting the female entrepreneurship development and  ensuring that newly-established women entrepreneurs can sustain their activity throughout the first years of their businesses. Thus, the project strategic objective is to support the development of female entrepreneurship in the country taking into account the distinctive nature of women-led businesses.

The Foundation for Management and Industrial Research is the national coordinator of the project and network for women entrepreneurs in Macedonia.


Entrepreneurship fits well with women’s life choices in particular giving them flexibility regarding the reconciliation of private and professional life, specifically concerning the time and place of work.

Further, due to the economic crisis, many women that became unemployed could use their skills and knowledge, start-up their own company and create their own job. Project is supported by CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, European Union.