Small and Medium Enterprises – Applied Research & Technology (SME-ART)

    The SME-ART project is based on a holistic approach in addressing the needs of the SME sector in Macedonia, where SINTEF, Foundation for Management and Industrial Research, and academia in collaboration with relevant governmental bodies and selected SMEs together strive to better support the restructuring the domestic SME sector.

    The main features of the project are sustainable economic development, holistic approach to SME support, capacity building at universities and among SMEs, self financed SME facility centre, regional integration and international cooperation, SME roadmap development, develop applied R&D capability, learning by doing and “train the trainer”.

    More than twenty (20) companies (SMEs) have been involved in long term cooperation with the project and 44 improvement projects based on applied research & technology have been executed. Company development has covered a broad scope including improvements in production systems, new product development, market and marketing analysis, innovation management, e-business, trainings in different fields aimed toward strengthening the SMEs’ capabilities, etc. Further there has been developed a holistic master course for entrepreneurs.sme-art_LOGO_small

    Matchmaking programme has also been a part of SME-ART project with the purpose of employing unutilized capacities in the Macedonian companies by establishing economic collaboration between SMEs in Norway and Macedonia.

    Project is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.