PROCEED-best examples of projects aiming to improve the environmental performance of SMEs

Еuropean Commission as part of their activities, recently promoted best examples of projects aiming to improve the environmental performance of SMEs, chosen based on the quality of the initiatives, their effectiveness and transferability to other areas, as well as to ensure a variety of types of projects. They show what is being done at both national and regional levels in EU Member States and further afield.

Project PROCEED was one of the promoted best practices. Project is coordinated by the Arad Chamber of Commerce of Romania, involving 15 different organizations from 12 countries, in which Foundation for Management and Industrial Research takes a part, as representative organization from Macedonia.

The concept of this project is to exploit the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to create a steady communication network for environmental research results and practices originating in Central and Eastern European countries. The project is therefore targeted to support, expand and improve the work of public and private researchers from Central and Eastern European countries.

The expected results are mainly an improved uptake of environmental research results leading to better synergies with existing networks and projects supporting the coordination of Environmental research activities in Europe. Among the main activities, several brokering events in Central and Eastern Europe, Italy, Greece and Denmark are taking place and improved environmental support services for SMEs, to be provided via EEN member organisations, are being developed in order to facilitate the access of SMEs to environmental research outputs and new projects. For this purpose a dedicated social network has been created and is accessible from the PROCEED website.